Photo by: Sameer A. Khan/Fotobuddy

Marcel Dall'Agnol

I am a Lecturer (Teaching Professor) in Computer Science at Princeton University.

I received my PhD from the University of Warwick under the wonderful supervision of Tom Gur. I hold a master’s degree in mathematics from IMPA and a bachelor’s in mechatronics engineering from Universidade de São Paulo.

I am broadly interested in theoretical computer science, with a focus on sublinear algorithms, interactive proofs and quantum computation. Additional interests include cryptography and coding theory.


Concrete Security for Succinct Arguments from Vector Commitments

Streaming Zero-Knowledge Proofs

On the Necessity of Collapsing for Post-Quantum and Quantum Commitments

Quantum Proofs of Proximity

A Structural Theorem for Local Algorithms with Applications to Coding, Testing, and Privacy

MotionDraw: a Tool for Enhancing Art and Performance Using Kinect

My PhD thesis, Classical and Quantum Sublinear Algorithms, can be found in the Warwick Research Archive Portal.


I am currently teaching COS 445: Economics and Computation.

Past teaching:

From 2014 to 2016, I was an educator at Projeto Âncora, an elementary school that implemented a revolutionary pedagogical approach (really; this is not hyperbole) and was widely recognised as a reference in innovative education in Brazil.